Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Jeaulous of Your Cigarette

Dear Dutchness Dutchless,

I hope you are fine wherever you are.
As for me, something has changed.
Space rather than time.
But I will be back soon.
Just give me a couple of days to put on screen proper thoughts.
Yours as usually,


Lina said...

The blog is too good to go silent just like that. Will you be back?

Lorenzo Berardi said...

Hey Lina, thanks a lot.

I hope to come back, but I'm not in the Lowlands anymore so I need to change the main topic.
And this process takes time.

Well, we'll see.
I miss so much the possibility of making mistakes writing in English ;o)

Anonymous said...

did you know an artist named 'hawksley workman' has a song called 'jealous of your cigarette' ... and it's really, really good ...